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      The USB


.,I was second year hs then, we had a practice for our Christmas presentation in the university gym. In our break, my friend and I watched some of the college student members of the dance society, they were also having their practice there in the gym Then We recognized this one guy, Hes not that handsome, just an average chinito type but he really dances well. So we named him MD, short for Mr. Dancer.

.,I was already third year then. My friends and I sneak out the campus to a comp. shop just in front of the university gate. There, we checked our FBs and researched for our celeb crushes. I was saving photos of one of my celeb crush in my USB, when one of my friend borrowed it from me. After an hour we hurried back to our classroom for our next class. Then, I realized that my USB was not given back to me. That USB is very important to me, because it contains some important files. After the class, my friend and I went back to the comp. shop hoping that my USB is still there. But It wasn't there anymore. The next day, the comp shop owner said that its some guy named "CARL" who got mu USB. Carl ________? Oh, I know him. He's a marine student and a member of the dance society. He's the one we used to call MD.

., I look for him around the campus but I cant find him. After days, I saw him and talk to him about the USB. I called him kuya since he was obviously older than me. Then he just answered me that he had already given my USB to his dormmate and He said I'll just text his dormmate and ask for my USB. What the!?, I hate him!, How come he got the nerve to give to someone something which in the first place does not belong to him. Arrrgghh!,.

.,Unfortunately I did not get back my USB, but on the other hand, I met this kind dormmate of that Carl. He gave me another USB in return.

., So that's the start of everything, every time I met this Carl in the lobby or outside the campus. I snubbed him. I showed to him, that I hate him. I really raised my brow to the highest level every time we've crossed our paths. Since I had his mobile number, without him knowing, I texted him naughtily. There, even in text messages I burst out to him my dislikeness to him. I was really surprised when Way back from the start, he knew that it was me texting to him.

.,In text messages we've fought cats and dogs. He called me spoiled brat and childish, mataray!., The nerve!.

.,Everytime I met him I raised my brow and threw him a killer look and he just gave me "pang-inis" smile!.After weeks of fighting cats and dogs. He confided to me that even I quarreled with him, even I act like spoiled brat and childish, even I'm very mataray to him, He found himself liking me. He said he likes me. And of course I did not believed him. I thought that its just his way of tricking me, its just his way of revenging to me. But he's consistent on proving to me that he's telling the truth., But sorry, I still hate him.

., On the other hand, Rica, my classmate asked the whole class if who have a number of Carl __________, because its her crush. Duhh!!, So without second thought, I gave Carl's number to her. Carl was still textimg me at that time. After two days, I just knew that Carl is already Rica's boyfriend. So in that case, I just prove to my self that Carl did not really mean what he had confided. But I'm happy for them.

., But Carl told me that he just court Rica because she's the one flirting to him. Carl said that he's not really serious with her.OK, I don't care about the both of you. But inside the campus, he really pursuit on meeting me. He just appear whenever I am and act as if we're close. He said he's really serious with me. But How about Rica?

., One time, when my friends and I were in the university shed waiting for our "sundo" to go home, Carl just approached me and sit beside me and talked to me. I was very uncomfortable at that time because I knew that when Rica will see us it would create chaos. I'm pushing him to live but he did not. Unfortunately my friends live first before me, so I stayed there in the shed with this Carl!

.,Unfortunately, Rica saw us, and Carl was just feeling easy, I really hate him at that moment.

.,to be continued.....


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