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      I was supposed to be with you my princess, but it wasnít to be.


I was happily married for several years and although we had some ups and downs, or lives were great. I always loved my wife, but slowly our situation started to deteriorate and it wasnít all that great! Becoming parents doesnít make life easier anymore either.. Often you find yourself on opposite sides and it causes friction in your marriage. I guess that happened to us too. We spent most of our evenings on the computer, each in a separate room and that didnít do us any good either. It made me have loads of freedom to do whatever I wanted, and I did. But my world was about to change, and initially for the better, but eventually ?

I joined a site about photography, since I loved that, and due to a mutual interest I made a great friend there. She and I had the exact same personality and we were interested in the same form of art, and both made tons and tons of pictures and we commented on each others work all the time.

We slowly felt more and more for eachother. I helped you greatly through one of your roughest periods in your life, I was always there for you, and you provided a listening ear whenever it was me who had problems. We talked on skype every day, we called eachother all the time and eventually you were on my mind all the time. I was married however. What was I doing? I couldnít stop with it either, you made me so happy, you were just what I needed to make my life complete. We were way too far apart to every see eachohter, so we had our life online in chats and talks with eachother. I knew everything about you, I knew all your deepest secrets, and you knew mine, you knew things about me that my wife still doesnít know..

Eventually she found out though, and I was put in a position where I had to choose between wife and children or you, and I had to make the far greatest decision in my life : I had to choose for my kids and my wife and we had to say goodbye. I am sure in those last 6 months the amount of stress you had to go through because of our relation was far more than you should ever had to go through.

Your life had been rough enough already. Itís been years since we talked now and I must admit that each day I think about you still, and I will never forget you. You were the best thing that ever happened to me and it will take decades before I finally forgot that wonderful person that I became so close with. I love you still, but I had to choose whatís right, and although things are much better at home now, it will take a long time before I can ever get over you.

Goodbye princess, love of my life.


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