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      Cute memories.


.,im a transferee, as usual inaapi-api, wala masyadong friends, but i showed to them that their impressions towards me is wrong. With the help of my looks and brain. I become a consistent honor student and I become popular in school.

,. then I met this guy he was one year ahead of me, at first hndi kami magkasundo, ang kulit-kulit nya sa akin. But without me knowing that's the start of everything. We have lots of differences, mayaman sila, mahirap lang kami...matalino ako, sya pabaya..., organized aku, sya easy-go-lucky... mahinhin ako, sya makulit. but even though with all of our differences, there is one thing in common that made us stay for a long period of time...we both love each other though we are not officcially in a relationship. At that times, I feel like im always in cloud nine, we were both really happy. even maraming naninira, we still end up with each other. he provides me everything, but of course i did not took advantage of it. But i know, that all of this will come to an end, by the end of the school year he will be graduating and i hate that day would come. But it came, in that day he promised that he will wait for me and he will visit me in our school. I take hold of that promise. In one school year, I was just reminiscing all of our memories together. I waited for him, though we saw each other but its just from a distance and we never got the chance to talk.I waited but he never did. I grew tired, and i decided to just forget him. After almost 5 years, we met but its not the same thing around this time, a lot had happened, a lot had already passed, a lot had changes.Now we got to talk to each other and even reminisce of some memories way back then, but the feeling was not there anymore. He had his new life now and so was I. He had his girlfriends now and still I don't have mine.Maybe all of those memories will just stay as mere memories. And that's the end of all of it, nothing more.

.but the truth is i still have a portion of my feelings towards him before, but I don't pay attention to it because i know that small feeling is now useless. As I've said he had his own life now and so was I. I just need to accept that its all over. though it never had a happy ending, I'm still happy looking back of our cute little memories before. I know that he had no care for me at all but I know that in a second of his day, he will find those memories and it will make him smile. I remember the boy but I don't remember the feelings anymore. I hope he's always in good shape and wish him all the happiness..., Oops, I remember, its his birthday month this September. Advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM....=)


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