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      Childhood romance


Love has a complicated way of trickling itself into the very midst of your soul. No matter how much someone will deny that they are completely fine without a soul mate or love, deep down, when they expect it the least, love will find a way to get deep inside their hearts where it hits them hard.

Although I am young, I have been lucky enough to find someone to make me feel whole. someone who makes me forget the world and I haven't even tangled my fingers hopelessly into his or felt his lips pressed against mine yet.

It started in year one. There used to be canteen boxes with our lunch orders in them. They would be lined up by each year group and we would go collect our food. Silly as it is, when I went to collect my lunch it seemed like someone already had. A boy. He was eating my lunch! This silly mistake randomly ran through my mind various times. I pushed into high school and took hold of Facebook. I was reminiscing memories with a certain friend (I will mention her later) and he was one of the only people from primary school that I remembered.

I went through various Facebook's just to find his. It took forever, but I eventually found out it will and was the best thing I have ever done.

I found him. And we talked and became fast friends. We talked for half a year at least a few times a week. Things developed into slight flirts. I started dating a boy. Things started becoming patchy, and I soon found myself upset and confused. This boy was always there for me. He talked me through it and provided me support. After me and that now ex broke up this boy confessed his feelings towards me. I pushed him away almost instantly. I don't know why, but I wasn't ready for a relationship at this time. We had a little argument. This argument led me to find out that he was talking to that friend I mentioned earlier. They weren't just talking, but she sent a photo to him, one that you could consider child pornography. Me and Joe stayed friends for a while. Things developed and I started realising my feelings for him. Although, he told me what him and that girl had talked about. I was hurt, things hadn't become serious between me and him yet, but I acted as though it was hilarious. I was cut inside, it hurt me so much.

We continued to stay friends, I knew his interest in me, but didn't think much of it.

One day he told me that he got me something. He wouldn't tell me what, but it was from Paris as he went there on a school trip.

By now, I was in my senior years, and I still am. This boy lives six hours away from me. The distance scared me, but when I found out I was going on a trip up to where he is and further, my curiosity took over and I had to meet this boy again. I met up with him. I was staying in a Motel and I texted him to come meet me. When he came to meet me, I was more nervous than I had ever been. I was aching waiting for him to turn up. When he did, I saw him in the car. I was shy, and he just stared for a little while. He smiled at me and stood close and greeted me. His mother was there, and she did not seem friendly at all. She made me feel a little nervous and then she left. This boy waited for me to get something out of the car and came into the Motel. He sat on one of the beds and my Mum was in the room. We all talked for quite a while and decided to go bowling and get some dinner. Mum would not leave us be. She decided just this time, that she was going to be very protective of me.

We went to bowling first, and how I suck at bowling. He got a few strikes and it was quite impressive.

Throughout the time, we would sit closer while my Mum was taking her turn so things wouldn't get awkward. At one stage, he kept jokingly tripping me. I slapped him on the leg and he was impressed at how hard I hit and winced in pain. He slapped my leg back and I barely flinched. My Mum noticed and said. "When two teenagers hit each other, it means they're interested." I told her she was silly and ignored her.

It came time to either go have dinner or have another game, and we decided to have another game.

This boy paid the first time, but the second time was really not necessary. I had my money in one hand about to pay and he took my money, gave the cashier his, and gave mine back. Sneaky. He paid for not only me, himself, but my Mum as well. For two games, and it is not cheap.

After that we went out to dinner. I have a weakness for hidden affection. While my Mum was there he put his foot on mine under the table. It gave me instant butterflies. He gave it away however when he says. "I'm not giving your foot back." My Mum gave me a confused look.

After dinner (Mum paid, he finally gave in), we went to drop him home. He asked me to go inside and I went with him. I saw his dogs and playfully jumped around with them. He smiled. I thought he was taking me inside to kiss me and I was nervous. But instead he gave me a little parcel. He told me to wait to open it. I asked him if he wanted a hug, but he said no. I went back to the car and me and Mum drove away. I waited until I got back to the Motel room to open the parcel. When I did, I found a beautiful bracelet with a love heart charm. I have not taken it off since that day.

He texted me when I got home and he said. "When I saw you you blew me away, you're so beautiful." Etc.

I was so happy. He made me feel as though he didn't want anything but me. He didn't want my body, and he didn't want my lips. He wanted me.

We talked almost every minute for the next few days, finding out where our feelings are. I expressed that I have feelings for him. After that trip I have talked to this boy every single night without fail. We can talk on the phone for hours without running out of conversation, and we talk so deeply and honestly. He confessed to me that he loves me. I was so happy. The feeling was indescribable, although I still didn't love him to the extent that he loved/loves me.

I still talk to him. He is so considerate, he makes me so happy. I would get into details about what we talk about and how sweet he is, but things are just too long to state. We have over 50000 messages on Facebook in a year, and we're still talking. I'm falling for him although there is a 6 hour gap between us. I'm waiting to get my drivers license so I can drive to see him. My feelings get stronger by the day, and this is not something I can ever take for granted. I love this boy. And I hope I love him until I take my last breath.

If you're reading this, by any small, small chance. I love you Joe. With all my heart. After this story you will know it's me, Jodie. I felt like sharing our story with the world.

I know I'm young, and so many girls get their hopes up about these kinds of things. But his persistence is what makes me believe him with 100% of my heart. I am prepared to give him everything.

We are going to tell our kids this story one day. We will get along like old lovers and raise a beautiful family. Grow old together, share our lives together. I cannot wait. If this was just some silly story made up in my head I would never have spent so much time writing this.

I am happier than I have ever, EVER been.

Thank you for being patient and reading my love story. It's not finished, but I honestly don't believe it has an ending.


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