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      My Story of Us


It began my freshman year in high school. I was at the beach when we first met. It was my friends sweet sixteen birthday party. We were all hanging out when she introduced me to him. When I asked the next day who he was she told me he was the one that got away. She like him so much but he never asked her out. AS time would come to pass we would run into each other at football games, soccer games, the mall. We even tried hanging out. For some reason or the other though are schedules were always off with one another.

One day I found myself with nothing to do. I had been grounded for two or more weeks. I texted everyone seeing what they were up to. I can still remember to this day where I was what and what I was doing. We went out that very night. The funny thing is one day we were just harmlessly flirting, doing what we do. Next thing we know were inseparable. He came into my life and just never left...

He has been there through thick and thin. He stayed. I told him to leave. To walk out the door and never look back. He promised me he wold never leave. He promised me he wasn't going anywhere. He promised me the world at one point. I bought into it all. Eventually we fell in love with each other..

Everything eventually comes to an end. Even when you think it'll never end. Even when you've convinced yourself maybe forever is possible. There is a quote "some people are meant to fall in love but not be together." I think that's what happened to us. It became bad timing eventually. I love him with my whole heart. With out a doubt in my mind I know he feels the same way. He loved me in ways I can't begin to explain because I don't have the right words. His love left me speechless and still does. I miss him like crazy all the time. I wish I had happy news, but I don't. We were just two crazy kids in love.


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