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I chose this title because this is the phrase i kept on repeating to my boyfriend as a sort of assurance..

Our Love story goes like this..

I was a transferee student from an academy. Since I encountered bully from my classmates, my parents decided to move me to the city. My bestfriend happened to be in one of the city's school and she introduced me to the school. I was 3rd year high school then ugly and really really unnoticed. I admire many of my classmates because they are friendly and they dont underestimate people by just one look.

One afternoon after a week or two, we were having our math class that time, a guy came in to our class. He was white, handsome and just by seeing him, you can say, he is intelligent. What attracted me to him was, he was very neat. :) I was so stunned til my friend, Kuya Nikko whispered, "gwapo noh? regards ka?" (Isn't he handsome? want to regards?) and i was lol! how would that guy notice me when i am so ugly. That was our first encounter. He never looked my way. I didnt force myself to him because handsome and intelligent guys dont like girls who are nt intelligent and ugly. I was motivated then to become beautiful and intelligent. But sad to say, this man, Mr. Perfect keeps on skipping classes and he is always absent! He goes to school once a week or so.

When I proceeded to my Fourth year high, my admiration for mr.Perfect was still present. I was a little bit discourage because he never talk to me. Whenever I cast him my smile, he just dont return anything. There was one time when I checked his paper, his english impressed me a lot! He had a nice penmanship too! and He is soooo handsome:) So, I then went to him and i appreciated him saying, "Maauha nimu mo english ui" (You're english is impressive". He just smiled and went away. :(

My friends once rumored him as gay because he dont mingle with people and he doesn't have a love life (they said). And i was like a superhero defending my Mr. Perfect. I even admired him most when he top the NCAE exam! wow. But he's facial expression is like that of Mckayla.. haha .. he's not happy..whenever we seniors have our bonding time, he never joined our cause. He has his own world which attracts me the most.

We graduated highschool and i received an award. Because of that award, I was given the chance to study at a university. During the times when i do my project almost late at night, mr. Perfect would chat me. He was concerned of me. I wasn't that happy because i already have a new inspiration. Yet, i was touched by his concern. Then after a few chat, I already have his cellphone number. I quickly texted him and he replied. There, we had a chat about his life and his dream. He is a very very Future-related man. He told me he wants to get rich and help those people who cant eat three times a day. He wants to be rich and successful. I admired him the most that day. I was expecting him to court me because modesty aside, people i happen to talk with fell inlove with me. But! He didn't. There was a time he gave me a load and that blush me a lot bacause i assume he wants to exchange words with me though it was just an extraload from his plan. I kept on sending him my group message hoping to be noticed, but he never texted since. I deleted his number. Then after a long time, he would text and i save his number back again. It happened many times.

On my 2nd year in college, I had a problem with health and with relationship between my Instructors so I was move back to our place again. I texted him that i have moved to the city and he said Good because im near to my parents. While i was in the city, I came to have a friend whom i treated as my big sister. People said we look the same but she is prettier than me because she is white and she has an admirabe body. She was looking for a boyfriend who is Principled, Rich, Intelligent and most of all handsome. Only one guy came to my mind. I came to realize that I will never have Mr.Perfect so I gave mr. Perfect to her. I texted Mr. perfect that i want to see him because i want to introduce him to someone beautiful and they will make a perfect pair. We met in one of the malls in the city. He was wearing neat clothes and I introduced both of them to each other. My heart is bidding farewell to him as I saw them shaking hands. After the meet, I was so surprised when Mr. Perfect came to text me and he is so sweet which is so unusual! I then asked my friend if she and Mr. Perfect were texting and she said no? so i asked Mr. Perfect if he like my friend and he said he do. But he is spending more time texting me than my beautiful friend. I was a bit curious and then he was like showing me he like me and i was very very happy! (I was just assuming that time) and later on we call each other "my prince" and "my princess". We send sweet messages more like of lovers!

One time me and my friend went to a computer shop to go on facebooking just when suddenly she said,"Mr.Perfect* will come here. He will lend me a book for my report." and i was "whaaaaaaaaaaaaat????" I told her,"why didnt you told me earlier i could have prepared my outfit, my face. Tell him to go home." and she answered,"There he is" and then he came .. he was so handsome and i felt so ashamed. He then invited us to eat at Mcdonalds. He was so cute while eating. But they were more sweet with my friend.. They were like lovers and i am the chaperon! i was having mixed emotions. Happy because i saw him, jealous because they were sweet and sad because he was sweet in text and he is very very opposite in personal :(

One afternoon, a colleague came up to me and courted me. I was like "My heart is taken" but i told him before i am a man hater. Then i decided to tell him our story. The guy was nice also and fun to be with but its really different when you're inlove. I was thinking what if I ask Mr. Perfect what I am really to him? and if he would say im just a friend, i would give this guy, who was courting me, a chance. But Mr. Perfect's answer made me blush like drunk.. i asked,"What is our status now??? we send sweet messages and then we're not comitted .. what is our standing??" and then he said,"if only i can put my name on your back just to tell people you're mine" and i was like PARTY PARTY!! and then i turned the guy off.

Mr. Perfect and I came to be in realization last December 2, 2011.. we're going steady and i would always pray to God that may he be the man i'll marry. he is so understanding and he helped me with my school and computer problems. We fight often because i am really a jealous girlfriend. He is always there for me. He is everything girls would dream of. Many of my friends want him but, I scared them so they backed-off. hahah. furthermore, He guides me to the right path. Our love story is full of challenges. if 5 people request for the part 2 then i will write part 2 :) thank you for reading..


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