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Im a typical kind of girl way back in my highschool. I used to do well in almost all of my subjects. I used to be in troubles with some girls, with my friends and even with boys. Coz Im very "palaban".

I stand on what I believe is right. Im true to my self and to everyone, I dont like to pretend. I did everything that I want.What im showing is whats in me. That's why a lot of people misunderstands me.But still I have my friends.

But there is this one girl group that I know from the start that they did not like me. And so was I to them. They think they are cool, they think they dominates our whole class. And what I don't like them the most is that they are very active on having a love life. Almost all of them have their boyfriends, and here's more after one of their member broke up with this boy another group member will be that boy's girlfriend.

I really don't agree on the idea of having boyfriends specially lots of boyfriends in such a young age.

Now here is the story: One of that group had a relationship to her cousin. That girl was so inlove with her cousin.Okay lets say they both love each other before, but still they were cousins. I have heard a lot of things about this "cousin of her" many times. But i don't pay attention at it. When our class is not starting yet, they even tried calling this boy, and even my friends had the chance to talk with this boy but when it comes to me, it seems they tried not to let me and that boy create a connection. They try to this guy away from me as much as possible. And the nerve, I don't care about it!

Why? Are they afraid that if this guy will know me, tendency is they will lose this guy? They are threatened by me.Because they know that im much better than them, im much pretty than them and im much interesting than them. Hate me but its true.

But there is this one time when they called this guy and they let me talk to him. So I grab the phone and talk to him casually. I did not even introduce my self.

The next school year, this guy enrolled in our school as freshman college student, and we were senior highscholl students them. They meet with this boy, spend time with them. And almost all of our classmates were already introduced with this guy, except me! Anyways its just okay for me. I don't care! When this guy passes in front of us, they were like "papansin" to him. they greeted him and talked to him. And me, i was being the normal me. I don't care about this guy.

Then by the end of the school year, I just knew the news that another member of this group is now the new girlfriend of this guy. Obviously, this two girls were friends and they just like "exchange" boyfriends. And this new girlfriend really hates me a lot. But my style is: the best way to defeat my enemy is to be friend them. And so we reconcile with each other. One time she texted me for some announcements.

And from that day on I assume that, that particular mobile number is hers. So I texted it with some greetings and quotes.

When I came here in manila to study for college, I just found out that its not her number, but its her boyfriends number, that guy's number. So sopped texting it. and maybe he don't care so much about me at those times so he did not also found interests texting with me.

But one night an unknown number texted me and I found out that its him. From that night on we start exchanging text with each other, but for me, its just normal. And whats fuuny everytime we're texting is he dont want me to text him in english, because he's having a hard time with it. Times passed by and he become one of my avid texter. If i dont want to reply him, i dont. If I want to spend my leisure time, I replied thats all. And I just knew that both of those girls are his "ex" now. And he really dont recognize me before.

Then as time passes more, I just realized that this guy is like trying to court me. He said he found me interesting and he liked me aside from the fact that he found me pretty in my pix in facebook. We already had the chance to see each other ant talk personally. I can see the joy in his eyes, but for me its just nothing. Iim just being friendly.

So he starts courting me, he's really sweet and I found him fun to be with, I mean fun to be a textmate. But its that all, nothing more, nothing less. And I told him about it. He knew it, that I dont entertain such things.

Untill now, he's courting me eventhough he knew what he is to me. Even I said that I already have my boyfriend (its judt fake), he is still there. He said he will constantly wait for me, for the time when i alraedy learned to love him. Even if I argue with him, he is still patience to me. He never failed to make me smile everytime we're texting each other through his funny truths and jokes. And so sometimes, in the middle of our texting my haed says, this guy is okay, he's a good potential for a boyfriend, but my heart protests and still dominates. Its just, I really dont have any feelings towards this guy, even how much I look for it but its really none. Yeah, he makes me smile and makes me feel so special but it doesnt mean that I also like Him. I found him perfect, not as my boyfriend but only to be my friend. He really fits to be my ideal freinds. And I know that our relationship will be much better and will stay longer if we stay as friends.

When I look back before, I can say that there are lots of changes, actually unexpected changes. When I look back with the past, I cant even imagine that this would go in this current situation. And I just realize, Even how much those girl group tried to let this guy away from me, still destiny brought him to me. See?!, I didn't even made an effort, but this guy is now consistent in me. I know, that he will not be forever waiting for me, time will come that he will grow tired with me, but at least we've got the chance to know each other.

Thats what Im telling you, if its meant for you, it will arrive to you no matter what happen, no matter who or how many people barricades it, it will find its way. But if its not meant for you, Its really not.

., t.y for reading. Stay happy and pretty....=)


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