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Before, When I was in my secondary education I Started to enter a relationship,,One day, that is my first day in my fourth year level, I saw a boy in the school i really like him the way he walk, the way he smiled and he act. He is my crush for that moment i thought that is just for one click or just for a few seconds but i really shocked i cannot expressed what i feel because as i roaming around the campus for looking my name of what section and ROOM # i belong , I saw him we are in the same classroom so it means he is my classmate : "doob'a" (jejjee) I don't know what I feel. All our lady classmate admired his personality but I don't know why he court me that time i have so many pretty classmates .For about 1 months that he always approaching me about those matter I accept his loved ,coz I also love him for the short time that we've been together.I know that he loves me too he is so serious for me he cares me for a couple of months but " The love ends when the time comes".

We are lovers for only 3 months then i choose to end our relationship , i trust him coz he always told me that i am the one no other woman . I am ONLY the one inside his heart ,until one day that is noon. I saw him talking with the girl they are happy together I DON'T KNOW WHAT I feel again,. i am jealous that is because of my jealousy i decided to break him he explained me what's really their connection for that girl but i didn't believe him anymore.I think he is the one but i am wrong that is my biggest mistake that I've made in my life COZ I really expect too much for him. It's very difficult for me to move on because I love him so much but If you believe God he help you Just keep your Faith Intact to God nothing is impossible with him . And always remember that in every problems or circumstances that come with us has always it's own solution. Don't lost hope . As of now, I always bear in my mind that if i feel pains before that is not the reason to back out but an inspiration to move on and if the trials strike us down that is the time that we used our brain because the brain knows when we start and the heart knows when we stop.If that's really hurt then give up no other choice let them go God has a reason why things happen..

Now, I already ok. i cannot escape the things that happen to me but i need to be brave ,,i just think those time that we've been together as my dreams .unforgettable moment jejjeje( Thankz).


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