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      Love ends everything....


We've been classmates since highschool ni Mark. He's not actually my crush that time, it's Jacob. But my bestfriend Melanie had a crush on Jacob too. So when she asked me if who is my crush. I told her that it's Mark. Until I did a short poem for Jacob and when Melanie saw it, shse asked if to whom I have dedicated it, then I told her aain that it's for Mark. One day, I was absent due to I was sick. When I got back to school the next day, all of them knew already that I have a crush on Mark. I am really shy that day and I insisted that it's not true. Until one day, I was already inlove with Mark. I don't know how it happened and when it started. Until we graduated in highschool. I was so excited to get in college but I was so sad also thinking that Mark and I will never see each other again. But I was so glad when he told me that we have the same university in college. He wanted to take engineering but there was no slot so he decided to take the course that I took. I was just 1 section ahead of him. But on our 3rd yr college, we've been classmates due to we took the same major. I was so in love with him, I was always there whenever he needed me. My friends keeps on teasing me to him but I was always insisting that it's not true. Until he got a girlfriend. I was so sad when I knew about it. But they broke up just after 3 months and I felt that I was still inlove with him. Then, I met Chloe, his childhood friend and I found out that he was in love with her. I was so upset about knowing it because I thought I had already his heart. Until we graduated in college I never confessed thinking that I already knew the answer because until that time, he was still inlove with Chloe. But when we already got a work and see each other not so often. I was like a crazy missing him. Waiting for text msgs from him. Thinking if we were still the same as before. If the closeness was still there. But the time passed by, I felt that he already forgot about the closeness that we have while I was there never change and truly cares for him. Then I decided to go on with my life without him but I wanted to do first something that will give me a peace of mind in moving on. To confess my feelings for him. We were so busy that time and our schedules were really not meet so I decided to wrote message in facebook and told him everything. Then he replied, telling me that maybe he and I are not meant for each other and he promised not to change. But he lied and never communicate with me since then. I thought he was different from other man. But now I realize how stupid I was for loving him that long. But it's ok now, I believe that God let it happened for a reason and now I am still single, not because no one is coming but I am just afraid to love again. I don't want to feel that hurt and pain again. I'm still young and I believe God has a unique love story for me and I know even if I am afraid, if the right one comes, I will be learning to love again....


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