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      Tean Dream


Soul mates even though separated for many years will still go through life connected and lots of times many of the same circumstances will happen to both people during periods of their lives. If you knew how many times during our lives since we were apart that we did the same things and were at same events together but not seeing each other. After learning about us going through same things is why now when I am having a bad day or bad luck is why I worry about you now. I donít mean to be creepy or weird about it you might not realize our connection but in time you will.The universe has a plan though and when the time is right. Of course I have this set so others cannot read this and you will only if you are looking to read. What we have is so strong I know it still does exist maybe hidden but I looked in your eyes and seen it is still there. When we first met the timing was wrong even though we were soul mates you were too young and I could not deprive you of your youth and the growing you needed to do. It took a lot to convince me that if I really loved you I had to let you go. not knowing if you would ever come back to me. But I did love you that much and I still do.


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