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      Dream come true


Going through High School I always dated different girls and was always thinking this could be the one for me. But over months of dating I quickly knew that they weren't for me. I continued dating and was with a girl for a year and a half. Things were o.k, I still couldn't see myself married to her but sometimes thinking maybe I can't get any better.

All through this time I knew my friend Claude's little cousin Josee had an eye on me but I thought of her as being too young for me. She was 16 at the time and I was 19. Being at that age in my life I didn't want to be with someone younger then me by 3 years. 16 sounded a little too young for me. So I never gave her a chance but I was still with this one girl. Then one day I was fed up with the relationship that I was in and called it quits. We went our separate ways and I was much happier.

Then about 2 years later I was at my friend Claude's to pick him up to go to a party. When I arrived, Josee his cousin was there. She still looked the same but we started talking and I found myself really liking her right at that moment. Not knowing if she was seeing anybody, I asked Claude to invite her over to the party with us along with Claude's sister. He did just that and we had a great. The night was fun, she kept flirting with me and I flirted back. I left for a little while and I was talking to myself and trying to figure out what I should do. Should I ask her if she would like me to call her the next day?, I was confused. Claude was driving us home, being the closest, I was getting dropped off first. Josee and I were in the back seat chatting and then I just looked at her and decided to just go for it. I leaned in and gave her a kiss. It was a kiss I'll never forget.

That next day SHE called me, and we started dating. We were both in College and the age thing didn't bother me anymore. 3 years difference was a stupid thing to think of. We were in love and wanted to get married. But I always wanted to get married with a nice wedding and a big supper and the whole bit. But she kept asking me to marry her. I was working in a fast food restaurant making next to nothing and looking for work. She was working for as a Dental Assistant and making good money. But not enough to have a nice place and still have fun and not worry about money. I told her that one day I'll marry her but not until I get a good job and I am able to support us. I didn't want to live in a small apartment with no money and with bills to pay. Sadly she'd understand but still reminded me daily that she would love to be married to me.

Well one day coming home to my parents home, their was a message on the answering machine for me which my parents kept bugging me to go listen to it. I found it strange that they did this but I went to listen to it. Well I almost fell over when I heard the message. It was a company which wanted an interview with me. This company is very hard to get in and work for them. The pay is good there too.

So I was very excited and well after 3 months of being with the company and things going very well for me, I planned a dinner for me and Josee by a waterfall with wine and desert. My mother had baked us a pie to bring up there. She didn't know anything about it. We went up and ate and after this romantic dinner I said to her that I had made a special dessert for her. She thought that we were there for me to ask her to marry me. Well she was right because when I handed her the container holding the dessert, she opened it and started to cry because there was no dessert it was a diamond ring looking up at her and then I ask her to be my wife.

We were married in 1998 and now in 2002, we have 2 beautiful kids, 3 year old boy (Maxim) and 1 year old girl (Chloé). We still love each other more than we ever did and growing strong each passing day. We live in a beautiful house that we just love and we both feel that we are the happiest couple in the world. The only problem we have is my son doesn't like seeing us give each other kisses. We find this funny and we know he'll appreciate us kissing rather than arguing like often seen in families now a days. We love them both very much and we never forget to tell them that every passing day.

I am sure I'll write another letter when we are both in our 80's.

Daniel and Josée Clément


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