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      Love happens only once..


I dont know when i met him for the first time.We used to go to the same church and both of us were active members.We used to argue and fight with each other a lot..Dont know when we fall in love..

One day we realised that we cudnt stay away from each other..We used to talk over the phone for hours and hours,travelled a lot together,shared all our thoughts and feelings ....and things turned down all of a started with small fights and it blew out of proportion.It moved from one thing to the other and reached a stage where it was beyond control..10 years before we decided to part our ways and now here i am... still unable to forget my first love...

Both of us has got families now...but still no one cud fill that position in my heart that is been vaccant for the past 10 years.

Yes,i do miss him a lot.I miss those times we spend together..

Love happens only once in life and I lost it forever....


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