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      Kiss me in the poring rain!


It was the day of the IB prank... she went to school not knowing what would await her. When she entered school grounds the IB people made her take her shoes off as part of the prank, without any discussion she did but her socks, she left on. the school was messed up, people were running around the whole schoolyard the school building itself was closed, students and teachers were throwing water balloons and the IB students sprayed water down from the classrooms with hoses.

After looking everywhere she found him "him" the guy she loved for oh so long. He was trying to avoid getting wet. But she just took him by the hand and pulled him in the rain coming from the hose, threw her arms around his neck, looked in to his bright green eyes and kissed him. It felt like the world was spinning faster than ever before. They were the only ones standing in the rain crowds of people around them gazing at them.

They locked lips for pretty long then they looked back into each others eyes, walked out of the rain through the crowd. They could here people sighing the words "aww" and "oh" behind them.

They sat down under a tree, keeping each other warm laughing and talking all day long...

That girl, was me-


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