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      Bakit di nalang Totohanin ang LAhat?


it was a vacation then when i met this guy..

at first i never thought that i would like him.. the fact that i'm older than him and were just strangers..

but as the day goes by... i got attracted to him, and finally got attached!!

it was really awful, i really want to avoid that feeling but i can't.. i don't know why..

i was attracted because of his humor and smiles.. no one can make me laugh like he did...

we had this joke about the word MAHAL KO... we're pretending that we are lovers.. we are telling our friends that we are couple just to look at their expressions..

i never knew that i would take it seriously... i love it when he's calling me MAHAL KO in front of my friends..

i love it when he's sending group messages.. telling that he really miss me!!!

i felt[assumes] that all of his text messages are for real.. since that i have this hidden crush[love] for him!!!

i felt stupid but i love it!!

then one day, we met again and had a conversation... it was a wonderful night, it was the birthday of one of my friends...

he attended it and at first we're shy... but later on there he comes again..



cracking jokes

he putted some icings on my face.. so i did. vice versa!! it was nice, after that he shouted aloud "TAMA NA MAHAL KO!!"

everyone looked at us with a teasing look.. and i was very shock.. my face got red and i can't control my feelings...

but then, after that night... there were no KILIG moments na!!! he forgot to text me.. or even say HI..

i just wish that i could move on easily!! coz it really hurts!!!


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