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natagpuan ko na lang ang sarili ko sa isang sitwasyong d ko akalain na mangyayari... im a 4th year college student now and sumusuporta saken ang aking boyfrend, bago palang kami mag 3months pa lang kami pero he supporting me all the way..

im already married for almost 13th years.. my husband also supporting me what i want to do in life.. he was with me even when trial comes.. the only problem i encountered to him was just his always drunk but despite of that he is responsible as my husband.. he was supported me to my college until i reached 3th year but on 4th year in college he said he cant support me to continue my studies because he dont have work anymore.. i dont like to stop in studying specially i have only 1 year left..

my boyfrend now is my suitors for almost 1year not knowing that i was already married.. until i test myself to have a date with him and he said that if he will be my boyfrend he will support me all the way.. and after 3dates having dinner with him i fall inlove to him.. and now we are in 3rd month in relationship and im sure i really love him.. but im confused because i have a husband in 13th years and then now i fall inlove with my bf 3months??? i know it is a big mistake i cant help myself but to think alone again and again


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