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      Letting go is hard... but you can DO it:)


i was 15 back then,when i met this guy.I never expect that i will fall for him.. it just happen.

--this is my story-.-

we have sport fest camp on our district area and it was my first time to join.and i am glad that i did... when we arrive on the place ..that's the time i met Him.. It was raining that day,,. and i have not bring my umbrella.. and there He came...He shared his umbrella to me. honestly... i felt a strange feeling. but i didn't pay attention until the feeling becomes strong... we became friends and we exchange our numbers.

after the camp.. we became more attached to each other.. we spend our time texting ..we became so closed..and He courted me... ILOVEHIM.. but that time i am not on the right age to be committed.. i also have a promise to my mom that i will not be having a boyfriend until i graduated and so i kept my promise..

many years pass.. we are not communicating to each other..i still love him.. and i was hurt when i heard that he has a girlfriend... i have nothing to do.. i know... so i live my life... no matter how i love the person.. i know i have to let go...

and its hard...

but thank GOD.. i did it:))


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