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I met in an instance. He captured me. He was the person I was looking for. Thoughtful, honest, sincere. But more so he understood.. what it was about me that made me connect.

Although he has other traits, such as loneliness, heartache, and stress.

This is the initial phase. And it is a funny time. As time has gone on I have felt the strain of his past.

Recently I have found out he chats to girls on the internet. Asks them out for coffee. And although he expresses so articulately his desires. They have now become lies.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt. But trusted my heart. He was married. And has separated not long ago. He is an interesting person. But very confused. No longer attached. With all the right intentions. But with a lot of heartache attached. I feel really lucky to have learned that the most dangerous people in the world are not the nasty ones. But the confused ones. With no intentions but to love.


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