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      Despite All Odds


My boyfriend and I were together for already four years. We started our relationship when I was still 2nd year high school. I met him by chance and I was so happy to have him in my life. He is always there to comfort me for those times I'm feeling so down.

He has been very good to me that made me very brat. Since I was so confident that he loves me that much, palagi ko siyang inaaway until such a time na sobrang inaway ko siya dahil akala ko he won't give up on me despite my being so maldita.

Yes! He didn't give up on me but a strange thing happened. Because of what happened, he learned how to drink a lot and smoke also which made me realized that he was the perfect guy for me but I was still trying to unveil imperfections in him though I want him so much in my life.

There was even a time he confronted me and said "I notice that as time went on, you don't treat me as a lover anymore but you already treat me as a slave", and he really cried.

That instant, I was awakened from my katangahan. I apologized to him and told him I would never do those again and he accepted me and even wiped my tears cause he never wanna see me cry cause he said, seeing me cry makes his heart break. And to tell younguys honestly, this guy would really sacrifice his life just to keep me safe and protected and he already proved it many times.

So now, we both enjoy life being together and if ever we have misunderstandings, we fix it right away not waiting for some other things to happen. And other things just fall into place. I know he loves me, and I do love him so much too...


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