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      The one you love shoots the bullet at you


hi this is my heartache storey wen i was 18yrs old i met this hansome 25 year old guy i do modelling and i have no time for guys so i wasnt interested on meeting anyone so everyday back from work il hop on the bus and see this guy w in his gym clothes just smiling at me as days go pass we started to say friendly hellos as if we knew eachother he ended finding out my name and got my number and called me up one night and told me his the guy from the bus and he was wondering why i dont catch it any more lol i told him im modelling at a different place he had told me he would like to see me so we met up and chilled out together we had a gteat time and he told me he was a boxer and i was really happy cause i found it sexy he fell in love with me instantly and me being me i didnt show him my lobe for him cause i difnt want him to think he got me in love lol so 6months later after our dates and chats on the phone i realized i loved him.i never let him.kiss or touch me during that 6months lol i was playing hard to get so one time we met up.and just kissed and i was so in love we just made love and kept doing it all nigjt lol after that we would meet up and always have fun and sex until i found out i was pregnant me and him were so excited than we realized how are we gonna tell my parents they will never accept me or him or the baby see my man was black and i was latino and my family dont like blacks and only ever wanted me to marry a latino as days went passed i got scared so i aborted my baby i regret it so much it has destroyed me mentally me and my boyfrend had troubles after that we cant be together because it reminds us of our aborted child i regret it so much we would of had our own family now accept his now doing his own thing and im doing mine i still love him til this day and we are two lovers that just can never be together i miss him but i gotta move on his the love of my life some one il never ever forget i love him but it just cant be too much heartache and our family will never approve our love i thought he was gonna fight to be with me but he wasnt man enough to face the drama he ended up cheating on me well he claims that the girl was just spreading rumours and lies cause everyone knew she was crazy about him i know deep down inside he never cheated but i was just too broken inside to be with him cause he told me that his too scared to face my family sometimes u think the one you love will do anything to be with you but i guess i was wrong ive learnt to move on and trust no one but myself im now 25 yrs of age and im still hurt with everything i went threw with this guy damm i still love him he wants me back and asked me to runaway with him to another state but he wasnt man enough back than so i cant trust him now the end p.s Dont ever abbort ur baby please it will kill you too mwa


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