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      I wish..


dis is udisha, who was very sweet n innocent girl .. she went to colg fell in love with her chat friend mickey..there love blossomed for years.. that guy used to love her like crazy..

things were going fine .. but then the girl elder sister started facing problem with her inlaws n husband.. it was a love marriage for her sister.. troubles stared pouring in Udishas life.. but mickey was there supporting her.. but udishas family problems left her weak.. she lost faith in love marriages , her sister also convinced her that micky is not suitable for her..she also kind of believed it, but she was still with mickey.. n mickey was still with udissha,=..

meanwhile she completed her graduation, got a job but destiny did not favour her.. recession hit the market n she didnt get her joining..

she was broken n lost, studiied hard got good college but no job,, heart broken... mickey got a job but not a well paid job. udisha used to taunt mickey to get a good job ,, he was getting hurt over n over again.. but didn say a word to her, kept supporting her.. but udisha was getting crushed by her failure in professional life n family problem.. she used to hurt mickey but mickey never said a word.. he kept it inside him n kept loving her. they met once in two year, udisha kept complaining..

well now its 7 years.. but things have changed, now mickeys anger is pouring on udisha.. n udisha is confused wether to stay with mickey or move on..she will be 28 dis 1 april but confused.. tell her what she should do


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