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      Unfaithful Love


Hi, Iím shalini. I`m 18 years old and Iím going to tell you about my love story that happened last year 2011. It was a dry and normal day and my life went well and I was single that time. So my best friend asked me to come to her house to have fun and do our coursework. When I went to her house we went upstairs to her room, so we can do anything. She has a laptop and she had boyfriend in which she talks in webcam all the time. She wanted to introduce her boyfriend, I first refused to show my face but then I was okay with him. But next to my best friends boyfriend was a boy called ano. He was talking normally to my friend, but when he saw me he was shocked and was asking who this girl is. I first thought that he is one of the boys who cheat on girls. But then I was ok with talking to him, he seems to be nice. Then we were start talking and he asked my number and my email id to keep on contact. When I said bye to him, I had a feeling that I do something wrong. When I added him we started to talk almost every day and for a long time. I didnít have any feeling for him and I was talking to him as a friend. But he talked to me as if he likes me and I always had a doubt.

But then one day he started to talk to me more closely. The way he proposed me was funny; he first asked me if I liked him. I said yes and he asked me as a friend or more than a friend. I said as a friend and then he said that he liked me but he wanted to know me more. So I said okay and we talked and asked each other questions to know each other well. I started to like him. So than one day he wanted to meet me face to face. So we planned to see each other in walsingam church, but unfortunately we didnít see us, as there are many people coming to the church. So we planned to meet when my friend and her boyfriend are meeting for the first time. So I mat him when my friend wanted to meet her boyfriend. That day I was really nervous what he`ll think about me and I also was scared how he will react when he sees me. Me and my friend went to a centre were we always hang around when we donít have school. When we were waiting, I saw two boys coming into the centre. It was ano, who walking and sat next to me and he said Hey. Then we went upstairs were all the stairs are. First we all sat down in a table. No one was talking, so I told ano to go somewhere else to give friend privacy. So I sat down somewhere else. First we were quiet and then we were talking and more and more. He stated to come closer as well and he started to put his arm around my waist and said that he always wanted to see me and that he miss me very much. I smiled and started to come closer to his face and kissed him softly. He started to hug me and was telling me that he loves me so much. I replied that I love him more. Then we went outside the leisure centre. He started kiss me and hug me on my waist and started get me as if Iím a baby. This went fast as i never expect. At the end he asked if he ever going to see him again :(

After a day, he Iíve met him again in a nice park and we took so many pictures and we spend a lot time together in the park. This day went fast as well but I kind this day after I have met him and I missed ano very much. After that always talked and talked and he we talked every night as well.

Everything went well, expect one day he started to talk differently and all his replays were dull. So I asked what happened to him. He answered that he is buy these days with shooting and acting for movies and songs. He also was busy with his school work. So I left it like this and continued talking to him. Then suddenly in November, he didnít talk to me properly, worse than before. Than I have asked him to come and meet me. I`ve met him three times and the last meeting was so sad. When he said bye and hugged me tight, my eyes were wet and I always had a feeling if Iím going to see him again or something bad is going to happen between us. After he completely changed, he never called me in night time and he doesnít talk to me like before. Then I asked him again what happen and why you so dull. He started to tell me to give him more time to thin, if he wants this love or not.

That day i went to bad with wet eyes. I couldnít sleep and i was scared that he played on me. The next day, I was thinking to call him, so that way i know how he feels. I was calling him but he didnít pick the phone, so we talked on msn. We were talking normally, but he said that he played one me. When he said that, i felt like someone has stabbed my heart and i felt like i wanted to die. After that i was convincing him to come back, but he said that he is not interested in love and that he didnít had any feeling for me. I felt like unwanted and that no one likes me. After we broke up, we talked for 1 month. But then he deleted me from his contact on Facebook. So i thought that he deleted me because he wants me to be happy and move on in life. After that i moved on with my life, but i still could remember every memory we had and i was crying every night when I was thinking about him. This is not the first time that he hurt me; the second time was when my friend told me that has a new girlfriend. It hurt me really, even though he broke up with me. I always had a confidence that he will come back to me and he lied that he is not interested in love.

But then one day, he added me on Facebook. I was happy, that he is going to come back to me. But then i also found out that she has a girlfriend. That moment, i was think that he is not worth for me and that he doesnít deserve me. I don`t need people who hurt me in my life. But the most painful thing is that i still got his photos and the video he has made for me on my email account. I didnít feel like deleting it and i couldnít hate him. But i started to hate him when he has a new girlfriend. But then he started to show off in face book and upload pictures of his girlfriend and it really annoyed me. So I had enough deleted him from my contacts and moved on with my life.

Even though Iíve deleted him and moved on in my life, one part still loves and misses him but not every time. And it will never change and were ever you and whatever you do.

I don`t know if you still think about me or forget me ... but one thing i know is that one part of me will always love you and i hope that your happy and that you girlfriend is the right one for you ..:(


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