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I dnt know how to start my story Iam a simple girl with minmal requirements life went only around my family mom, dad and bro later got married but married to the biggest cyco in the world and had no hopes for future life at all always wanted to end up and cannot get to my home because f several reasons but later some thing just punishment out of this person and some thing whispered in my ear your free now live your life back with my family yeah the care and love of them was amazing and thats when i have decided that enough and i would need no man in my life and statred living mostly with family and close friends who treat like a baby and cared me always. Then like a Rain on the thirsty earth A man came into my life again and was enjoying his presence he made me feel as imp for myself and him too woow this feeling which i was in could nt even say he wipped all my tears away fought with the world of remarrying and now iam his Beloved WIFE Thanks god is no where but yeah now with me and always.....


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