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      Am i correct?


,,,.,. 1st time qng nag karoon nag bf is whn i graduated in high ,,he s our neigboor but nag ka relasyon kami through txt ,,aftr that nka kilala n nman aq ng ibang boy ...court me through txt also.....after 2 months my 1st bf got married in odr girlz @ it hurtz me so much ,,,,,,,from that tym ive promiz my self na hndi n aq mag boy friend uli......but on last dec, 10 2011 may nakilala aq na guy ,,,,,@ i dont that it was the 1st time that i feel something on him @ that guy was 2 hot agad syang nag court sa akin at first time yun nang yari sa kin na may nag court sa kin personaly.....coz di q pa cyah kilala talaga nagpasaya aqng d muna syah sagutin ...aftr that ilang araw na na di n syah nag pakita sa kin ang akala q di na nyah aq1 natandaan.. but i waz surprise whn i saw in my fb na nag frn request syah s kin..@ im so happy.....@ it waz jan 11.2012 ,,,,on feb,01 2012 ...whn i open my fb waz so happy coz he s online,,,@ we enjoy chatting aftr a few minute he as me that we meet ,,,so i giv him chance ,,,.,., @ he court me again but i decided not to answer ,,,at dahl gusto q sagutin syah feb10,2012 but sad 2 say until feb10,2012 d na syah nag paramdam,,,, and naghanap aq nanag paraan na maka communicate q syah.....@ i got his # from his frn at the same time my skul mate .i tried 2 txt him ...d aq nag pakilala i ask him about his love life @ he tell me that he has already gf,,,,i waz hurt whn i know it at d q napigilan na sabi nyah he need 2 stop txtng me coz his gf will angry,,,,and he ask my name so i hav no choice but just 2 tell him.....@ he keep on txting me but i hav decided to tell him frankly wat ive feel @ @ i said that he hav 2 4get me i really did even it hurtz me so much....@ after that i promz....not 2 trust the boyz,,,,,am i correct in that decission?


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