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Two people can possibly feel love for one another but unfortunately, failed to be together. Sometimes, actions have been too late that efforts in making up for the lost moments were of no value at all. Sometimes, a love story is meant to end at its beginning. Sometimes, situations call us to stay best where we are and not move a step forward. It is sad but as they say "what you want is frequently at odds with what it right."

A moment. That is what it takes for me to be happy. A happiness I have not been able to feel for such a long time. A feeling that somehow, someone is afraid of losing me and would do everything to be with me. The excitement of waiting and wanting and longing that i thought had already died within me resurfaced. I was happy but i know what i am doing is so wrong. I know what is the right thing to do and did it. But that moment is a treasure I will forever keep. Even if it was meant to end, everything at that moment was so true and pure. Like true love still exists. That a person can love you the way you wanted it to be. Treat u in a way you deserve. And yet, that was just a moment. But that is still so fresh in my mind. I did not imagine almost a year had passed since then. But I will always remember him. Not love him but just remember him for he had given me that majestic moment of my life. The one i longed for deeply. If we ever meet again, I guess we will just be casual friends then. But the I do not wanna think about meeting him again for everything was far too late for us and it is very much too late now. We both are happy. Or i guess he is so happy now and he deserved that. he definitely deserved that and I do not wanna ruin his happiness. i will just be here, and he will be there and all i could ever say is "I am happy for him" even if it is not entirely true at all. But i should be. For him.


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