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      Forever Friends..


Hello everyone.. I met a guy in our school campus and he is so cool thats why I became interested on him. I cant get off my eyes on him until he is gone. As I enter our class, all I was thinking was him - only him. Is this what they call love at first sight? And I was shocked to see him there sitting inside our classroom! He is one of my classmates this semester! Oh my! He is so cute.. he knows how to play guitar. And was also good in drawing :D He is really cool!

Until one day, we rode on the same jeep and he sat beside me! My heart beats so fast and I couldnt talk or even move. Then I just found myself blushing. GOSH! I dont know what to say.. But I tried to relax myself to have a short talk to him. Then I found out that his house is not far from ours! Thats why we are always together. Others says that we looked like couples when we are together :) Once again, my face turns red and I could not stop it.

We became friends, or should I say "bestfriends". At first, I thought that my feelings for him is just an affection. But my true feelings cant lie. I realized that I sincerely love him and I cant imagine myself without him. I want to be with him forever. This is the first time that I experienced this kind of feeling. And I can say that this is what they call... LOVE!

But the worst is he has a girlfriend and they are about to celebrate their 2nd anniversary on May. I didnt notice that I tear fell from my eyes. And that pierced my heart into pieces.. But what can I do? all I can do is to love him secretly in silence.

I dont know what to feel.. I was confused.. Do I have to continue loving him or I have to give up my love and let him be happy with his girl?

Please help me.. I need your advices.. That would truly help me a lot! Thanks in advance..


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