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      You lied..


When I first met you, I thought I was the luckiest girl alive. you were perfect, I felt as if I found "the one". You told me I was different to other girls, you told be I was beautiful, sweet and everyhting thing else that could make my heart flutter. You became mine and I became yours, when we were together we couldnt stop smiling, you told me you could never leave me, your friends would always tell me I made you so happy... but I guess that fairy tale had to end sometime. I tried to contact you, make things work, at least be friends but no.. you didnt want to make the time for me. I soon realised I had fell in love with someone who didnt care. Although theres always a place in my heart for you... and I guess that makes me stupid because im leaving myself out there to get hurt. I know I may still be young enough to love again but what you gave me will stay with me together.


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