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      You come and go


Hi my name is Isabella and this is my heartache story. Last year I met a guy who at first didnít like and though that he was annoying. He was my friend ex so I try to avoid talking to him. The months passed by and we started to talk every day to each other. I started to feel something more than friendship for him and I try to avoid this feeling because I thought it was wrong to love my friendís ex-boyfriend. After 5 months he asked me out and I said yes to him. He told me that we should keep it a secret because he didnít want my friend to find out and get mad at me. I thought it was a bad idea but I accept this. I was happy with him and I started to love him a lot. Everything was going well until one day my friend saw me and him together she said she didnít care but I knew she was mad. He got mad because she found we were going out so he broke up with me. I was broken. My heart was tearing into pieces. After that day I change I was not the happy and energetic person. I didnít hang out with nobody and I was always crying. After 2 months he call me and told me he wanted me back and that he shouldnít have left me I was so happy and I accepted him back . We were happy again I started to be me again but suddenly he change and he started been mean and he didnít talk to me like he used to and he broke up with me again. I was destroyed but this time I promise myself to be strong and donít give up. I was still hurt but I try to forget him. One day at night he call me but I didnít answer and then he text me and told me to go back with him again I said no at first but I ended up saying yes. This time I try not to love him as much as I do. Everything was better than the two last times we dated before. We used to talk for hours and talk to each other all the time. We spend more time together. Everything was awesome like a fairy tale. But one day a girl told him things about me and he believe them. He call me and started to tell me why I lie to him which I didnít but he didnít believe me. He stop talking to me for like a month. I was sad again I couldnít stop thinking In him and I try to forget him by dating another person but it didnít work so I just stay single and try to forgive him. Now he asked me out again but I donít know if I should come back with him or not. Please help me


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