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      Then - Loved to be loved... Now JUST hate - "LOVE"


A time when i needed a true love, a time when i wanted

to be serious in my love life,

that is when a gorgious loving and caring girl in my life...

A life which seemed to be hectic and Hell Made me feel like

HEAVEN, Wrok floor was Rocking everytime..

She use to smile and make each and every moment of my day wonderful

We initially were very good friends and then friendship turned

into love, Love is not the word to be called for our relation

as LOVE is just a small 4 letter Word but she was my World.

We loved each other to that extent that we were not able to live

away for even a single hour in a day...

When i had a discussion with my family, :-( that is when my Mom

Rejected and refused my choice and blackmailed me to commit sucide.

Then comes the real Climax in the story

When i had a Discussion with my girl friend she took a Decision

A Simple DISCUSSION lead us to Take a majore Decision to Separate us...

She took an instant decison to move on in her life and forgot

all the good things and ripped me off broke my heart and got married

to an other guy with 2months and she is leading an happy life

living me in a grief and paid....

I just Loved to be loved by my loved one (ONLY ONE MY LOVER)

But after this disaster I just HATE the word called LOVE.

Either never fall in Love or Dont take a instant heart breaking



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