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      Will we love again.


We wernt together for a long time we knew each other for a few years yet we were only together one month before we got pregnant. Few months later we break up due to lies and unfaithullness from his part. We went through a lot for a few months, we did awfull things to each other we also said things we never took back. I should hate him at this point! I mean thats what people do, when someone intentionly hurt you over and over again u begin to hate. Yet I CANT hate him I love him more and more everday. We found ourselfs finding mways to be with each other not only emotionally but phisically as well. Everyone tells us we shouldnt ve together considering our past. And all the wrongdoings. Something other than our child pusehes us together and its love. True love. Idk if we will ever hve the guts to stand up to everyone and our own pride and be a family. I dnt knw wat will hppn w/ us, all I want is 2 love him n hold him I wna feel him holding me n hear him tell me he loves me. I wna hve those romantic nites. I wna ohear him sing to me again. I want out baby to c us 2gether again. I want us to b happy again. Idk we will ever b tht way again:(


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