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      And I thought it was forever....


I thought it was forever.. I thought it was everlasting and I thought it was a blissful love. It ended up being memories of my life. It lasted for 3 wonderful and beautiful years. I loved him like no other woman would ever love him. He was my first and last love. The pain and the heart ache pinches through my heart. Moments I would stay up all night waiting for his call. Moments we talked on phone for hours. It was an online love. He proved to be such a wonderful person. He had the temper to suit himself though. I never cared to much about his imperfections. He was the most handsome guy in my life. People say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. And he was like an innocent child to me. I wanted to take care of him like a mother and not mere wife. I accepted him for who he was. Never knew he would walk out of my life within seconds. And this pleasurable pain will last till my last breath. May god bless him no matter where he is...... This love for him ignites brightly each second of my life. :)

I will always love you darling...... Be safe and take care of yourself because I am no more near you.... :)


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