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      Distance Makes the heart grow fonder.


Love is confussing, unjustified, yet beautiful, and so unpredictable.

I think that when you fall in love, your willing to do anything for that person, you never judge them, you take them way more serious than others and also you never laughed so much with someone in your whole life. Love can be excting, you always want to be around your other half. You feel like bestfriends.. but days arent always bright.. somedays it can feel like the end and maybe thats the way it should be but if you really love and care for the person you should always try and truely believe and have faith. Sometimes you have to let them go for them to see how beautiful you truely are, not because they dont see it, just because they simply might have forgotten. Love certainly does work in mysterious ways and everyone in and out of your life teaches you something even if its so small you dont realize but everyone has an affect on eachother. LiVe LiFe HappilY, SmiLe, LauGh and LOVE.


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