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my story goes like this..

i had my boyfriend for almost 4 years..i love this boy so much that i tend to disobey my parents because of this love..i feel that he loves me too..we had passed many obstacles..i can really say that true love is a sacrifice..

we used to make promises to each other that we will grow old together..and we even plan for our future..

by the way my name is cj 21 years of age and just call him rich he is 28..

our problem started when i feel that there is something wrong in him..there was one time that we planned to meet but at some point he did not arrived in our meeting place..i was angry but still think of the possible reason why he did not come, when i asked him he explained but i still feel angry and he stop explaining and let me get angry with him, i really felt im not important..the next day i was supposed to surprised him by visiting in his boarding house..but unfortunately i was the one who were surprised because he was not there..i wonder why he was not there,usually he stayed there during sunday and that day was sunday..i still wait for him to arrived i even call him using the phone of his friend but he refused to answer it..i was crying in that place without him even knowing it..after an hour i decided to go home with pain in my heart..when i arrived at home i called him and asked where was he..he answered me he was in his boarding house and he just arrived from the internet cafe..i have many doubts and at this point i dont beleived him..and i break up with him though it was very painful and hard for me i still did..he had no choice but to accept without even asking for forgiveness he just directly accept our break up..

i still love him that much.. and i dont know if he still feels the same way..

i actually need an advice..hope readers will do through comments..thank you..


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