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      Childhood stalker


When i was in 5th grade there was a boy who was always chasing me around. He would wait for me at the school bus to walk me home but i would get very annoyed with him. He lived in the apartments across the street from me. He would always be saying things trying to be romantic and such but it would just annoy me. My friends and i all agreed he was weird and we werent going to pay any attention to him. The worst part was he was always trying to touch me and once he did touch my boob. I was very upset and i hated his guts! I ended up stabing him once on his arm with a pencil because he wouldnt leave me alone. Well for 8th grade i moved away to live with my dad and went to a new school so i didnt see him again. My best friend still went to the same school as he did so in high school she told me he asked for me. Now i have to admit it felt nice that he still remembered me but i still hated his guts...... I am 23 right now and a couple months ago i got a friend request from him on facebook... imidiatly i remember all the bad memories i have of him... but i thought "well... time has passed and i dont know if maybe he is different"... i thought "well either way if his still a jerk i can simply erase him and not talk to him again... plus i want to ask him why he was alwas stalking me" so i was trying to decided if to accept him or not.. that nite i had a dream of him.. that he was a nice guy and i that i had just not giving him enough chance... so the next morning i accepted him and right away he sent me a message saying "hi beautiful remember me?" so i thought oh no hes probably still weird and crushing on me :S... so i said "how can i forget my childhood stalker".... well.... who would of thought that he would become my first boyfriend?? not me.... i am 23 and have never had a boyfriend... when he came into my life again he brought joy that i never thought i could have.. we are going out for about 3 months now and i have fallen deeply in love with him.... its weird to me because i hated his guts wen we were kids and now i cant have enough of him :)...... thats my weird love story


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