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      My cavalry man


My story sounds like a fiction love story but it is all true. Last September I was messing with my mobile, I went into chat. There I met a man called James he was from Texas USA. Anyway we got talking, we phoned and we talked for 5 hrs the first day. Then he did not contact for a week, he rang and said 'Hey remember me'. His voice was dreamy. He would ring me everyday 3-4 times during the day and at night for about 3 hours. This continued until January when he went into the US army.

We were soul mates. We fell in love. He asked me to marry him after about 4 weeks of us meeting!!! While he was in the army we wrote and he phoned. Finally I met him, he paid for me go over there. He was everything I ever wanted and will want. We only had a few days together, this was at Easter, they were the best days of my life.

He was tall dark and handsome. Kind, funny and caring. He was so like me. He loved things like the wind, the moon, the stars and dogs. He thought the person inside was more important.

I met his family and we all got so well. He wrote me poetry. I met him at his army barracks. He stood there in his green army uniform. I kissed him on the cheek. Later when we had a chance to be on our own he said may I hold your hand and may I touch you. To me that spoke volumes. I loved him so much more. That night we became lovers.

On the next day after we had spent the whole day together. Later he came up to me as I was getting ready for us to go out, he came over to me and held me then he picked me up and just sat on the bed holding me. That meant far more to me him holding me because he did not want anything. I was older than him but this did not matter. I said to him on the Sunday morning I cannot do this he said 'what'. I said look at me and look at you. I think we should part. I said I do not want to hurt you. He said What do you think you are doing now. Tears rolled down his face. I gently wiped them away and kissed him and held him and told him I would not leave him that I loved him. The way he looked at me I will never forget his deep brown eyes looked into my soul. That afternoon I had to fly back home.

We went to the airport and sat in a cafe for a couple of hours, we talked, he held me and we kissed several times. We could not bare the thought of parting.

We talked of our future in Germany where he was going to based. We felt like our love had reached new depths. I hugged his family and him. I cried all the way home.

Later that week I received a letter from him, 10 pages long asking me for a wedding date, telling me he could not live without me etc. and how much he loved me. He told me he had cried when I had left him at the airport. He sent loads of letters during April, phoned always saying about getting married and how he loved me. Then I could not get time off for his Graduation from the army. I never received any more letters from him or any other form of communication.

I emailed his Mother and she emailed me back saying that he wanted a complete break and that I was a nice person and he did not want to hurt me. But had to let it go. This was at the end of May. Since then I have had no communication with him, I was devastated. I cannot forget him. I still cry daily.

I have dated since but have decided not to anymore becauses none of them are like him.

We shared so much and I still cannot believe he did this. I love him as much now as I have always loved him.


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