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      Our weird relationship


Im 15 turning 16 and my gf is 15. We have been dating now for 4 and a half years. Yes I know we have been going out for ages, but the truth is i love it, and i love her.

The only thing about our relationship is i have never actually met her. Seems kinda stupid thing to say, but its true. So heres our story and how we met.

When we were 10 and 11 we met on the online kids social network clubpenguin, one of those ones where you just play online games and hang out with people all over the world. At the start we were just talking and being 10 and 11 we were suddenly "going out". One of those relationships where it didnt matter if you broke up and "girlfriend" and "boyfriend" didnt really mean anything. When i was about 12 and she was 11, we both quit clubpenguin now getting older and so on.

But about 6 months past now being both 13 we started going on social chat sites for teens. We started talking and got on instantly, after a few weeks we knew that we had met somewhere before so she asked me " Have you ever been on clubpenguin before" and i said yes. As the story goes on we found out that we had been those two kids together.

After a while i asked her out, she said yes. We text and email each other everyday, we talk on facebook and the chatsite we met on. Some of you may think that we cant get any in real so we online date? But that is not the case at all i didnt mean to fall in love with her online it just happened and i dont regret it at all.

Now im glad that we met, not in the best way possible and i wish that wasnt the way it was. Some of you may think thats really pedo, but ive seen her on Skype and so has she, were both real, and so is our love for each other. Some of you may say well what is the point in that relationship your never gonna see each other or whatever. But just to inform you we both live in america and im old enough to drive now so this upcoming feburary im going to see her, and to be honest i cant wait. She means everything to me and i know im only 15 but i seriously love this girl. I know that some people wont understand my relationship or think its "stupid" but its not.

It just goes to show you that you can find love in the weirdest places<3


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