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      The Lady with fleas.


First saw her on the bus.

Every day she would get on a vision of loveliness.Someone to be proud to know.

Maybe a couple of years older than I.

Would she want to speak to me.

After some time I got the courage to move to a seat near her so she could see me every day.

At last I said hello. And she only nodded.

After a few times like this she finally spoke.

It was wonderful.

So finally I asked where she worked and a conversation ensued with her in the next row of seats.

Then one day she sat directly in front of me as that was the only seat available and we started to talk.

And then it happened.

I was looking at the back of her head where her hair was combed up into a bun, and it happened.

I saw a flea jump onto the back of her seat, I looked closer and noticed other flease crawling around on her head.

What should I do it breaks my heart, should I talk to her again.


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