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      Hearty love story


i see her first when i was taking admission for my first year graduation.our classes had already get started and i want to be a first ranker in our college.and so i had really tried a lot,,,suddenly i was only d boy who became favourite student of all d teaching staff.but all girls are getting impressed from such things.There was a girl,who oftenly talks me very we became very close frdz.we had always talk when our college gets over.Everything was getting fine.There was another girl in our class.but i observed that in our class all girls were too frank with me except day i talked with her and she also liked it.she was very clever in maths so there was always competition between both of us to telling the answer to teacher.Days was going on and we became best frdzz.but my old frd (whom i always talked)got quite disturbed amd she stopped to talking with me.of course she didnt like it.she always told me not to talk with her.But i told her that we all are good friends.there should be unity with all of us.but she never understood.One day she stopped talking with me.I asked her in front of all our friends but she insulted me.On the next day i again asked her about that but she didnt gave me reply.So my second friend(maths friend) told me to not to talk with her.and then she and me got fall in love.Then we has always study,travelling etc.We had also take admission to same tution.And one day she proposed me....Actually i loved her but never told her.I had taken one week to give her my reply.But she had also tpld me that she had already had a booyfriend.I asked her that you have bf so why are you proposed me then she replied that i just love you i didnt thought about he rules of society but i really loves you and i really got closed to her by that answer.she told me that she had in relationship with him.I got shocked at that time but she got closerr to me as days passed.One day she kissed me at our class parking.And from that day i fall in love with her till now.But Now she is not commited with me She had gone with her old bf I am really alone but still loves her............More and always be,,,,,,,All people says you are foolish but my mind says you have not only just love her but she becomes your unbreakable part of life......sometimes i really got pain but I REALLY LOVES HER......


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