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      Unexpected Love


(4 years ago) I was outside my house with my cousin talking like ny other day. My neighbors cousin Felipe was outside i had never relly noticed him since he wasn`t my type of guy i was attracted to bald bad boys & he seemed like the opposite of that.He came towards us & my cousin decided to put me in the spot she started telling him "so i heard you like girls with long curly hair, short & so on(describing me) & i was just standing there getting shy. He just laughed we started talking & i got his number i would call him once in a while but he would always be busy working. As time passed by i felt something towards him our conversations would be longer & my attraction towards him grew. I realized i really liked him as time passed by we would talk in the night (it was my favorite part of the day) within a couple years on February 2nd 2010 he asked me out i obviously said "yes" we were together for about a month & at that time i ad a horible aditue i broke up with him because he wouldnt call me often i believe. The next year 2011 we would still talk & the feelings were still there. Around August we stoped talking he didnt ave a celphone anymore & i ddnt know how to get a hold of him & i had started talking to some other guys but we never met and i knew i would never be able to like anyone as much as i liked Felipe. Around November i found out he had a gf which got me very upset i would talk to his mom and i would tell her i wanted him back she told me that if i was determined i wouldnt give up so i decided to write to him & i would tell him i missed him i sent him several letters telling im how i felt he never replied but we did talk a few times on the phone. On December i heard the good news he had broken up with his girlfriend he told me he was gonna visit me on datuesday (27) he came we walked my dog then sat and talked & around 7 pm he asked me 2go back with him & ofcourse i said "yes" ive only been with him for 8 days but ive loved him for so long that it feels like weve been 2gether 4ever we were meant to be.


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