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      Weired Love



I happened to meet this guy in Facebook. It was he who always text me often and I accepted his friendship.Within few days I sensed him to be a flirt and avoided speaking with him.After few days , I learned from one of his friends that he Loves me. I was shocked but something made me to accept his proposal.

During our relationship I always doubted him because he was too handsome on the other side I was not that beautiful. So , I tested him, traced him and i often initiated Breakups .But he used to convince me and we were together .

This went on for 3months. Simultaneously I was not happy in our love as I was confused whether he is with me for SEX or MONEY or TIMEPASS.I always showed my care too. One day I came to know from the same common friend who helped our love that My boyfriend had an Ex-girlfriend . Knowing that I just broke up with him once for ever.

Though I always doubted him, I loved him sincerely. I cried days and night . I became weak , but I was strong not to call him or let him know that I was unhappy about our breakup.

After one month, One day my boyfriend called me, He said he needs to speak with me. We both met that day evening and he said that he really missed me and loved me very much. Also he accepted that he just tried to flirt me in the beginning and only in my absence he felt the True Love for me.

Now its TWO years of our Love, We are settled and with gods grace we are planning to get married soon.


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