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      My love is GOD gifted


I am guria,doing job in an e-publishing company,in Chennai.When i was doing my engineering from a college,,i met my love through a common friend.He always used to tell me that make one boyfriend ,all are engaged here,,you are feeling bore here,,at that time i used to ignore his words,but once when i went for college outing,,really i felt very bore as all my friends were busy.I didnot think about right or wrong,suddenly i asked the number of my present love from common friend,I started talking with him.He was my senior.At that time i was taking all these things for fun only,,simply i was talking and he also.After few months what happened to both of us ,,we didnot know.We just started talking a lot about all the things happening in college.As the time passes on we both become very very close,and one day came after six month continuous talk on phone he proposed me"kya tum mere sath jindagi ke safar me saath chalna chahogi",, that word i cant forget,then i refused his proposal and stop talking but after two days only i started talking again and accepted his proposal. After that we decided to see each other ,then first time we met in college.Really from last 4 years we both are commited to each other,,by God shake we both are of same caste ,so no problem for our family also,,and one amazing thing is that we are going to marry next year only,,I AM REALLY THANKFUL TO GOD WHO GAVE ME A TRUE,SIMPLE,INNOCENT,CARING,HUMBLE,LOVABLE,......... PARTNER,,, I REALLY LOVE HIM SO MUCH,,,,,,,,,,,LOVE YOU MY GULLU.



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