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      Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning


You know when you love someone so much you just want to know every single detail about them. Thatís how it was for me 3 years ago. When I met him.

It was a perfect christmas night when I was out with my friends. Just out of nowhere someone grabbed me. It took him only one ďhelloĒ and I was sold.

The more I got to know him better, the more I started to like him. At the end of the night he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me sweet and softly.

I felt his warm gently touch and everything felt in itís right place. Till so far it sounds like a happy story, but it all starts here. After that night we stayed in touch and see eachother occasionally. This once when I saw him, he did odd against me where his friends where at. That was the moment when my pride took it over. I ignored him for weeks and the first time I saw him again, with his friends, I did the same thing to him, but worse. When he came to greet me I looked at his face and looked away. He looked ridiculous to all his friends as I walked away. I have never spoken to him since. I know itís my fault this all happened. That moment is the only regret in my entire life. What hurts me the most is being so close and want to say the words I saved in my heart for a long time: I-love-you.

This is my last goodbye

I hate to feel the love between us fade away

Before our love turns into hate

Just hear me out one more time

And weíll separate our ways

You gave me more to live for

More than you will ever know

I think we were never meant to be

But my time has come to an end

Of this burning heart of mine

When I slowly close my eyes

A glimps of your face comes by

Thinking so hard on those soft eyes

I realize itís that sign

That everything is over now

Everything in itís right place somehow

When I hear a little bird gently whistle

Is the moment when I closed my eyes


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