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      My own piece of heart break


Picture a young girl falling in love for a guy who already has a girl friend and the girl friend is a good friend to most of the girls friend. Now try to feel her excitment but remorse when the boys girl friend breaks up with him. Feel the overflowing, bubbling joy that she can barly contain when he finally askes her out. Now can u see her warm smiles and hugs? Can u see her eyes light up at just the thought of that guy being her boy friend? Can u feel her heart break when he tells her that he just wants to be friends for a while because even though his last girl friend treated him badly that he still loves her? Look at her now tears streaming down her face as he tells her shes over reacting wen all she can think about is when he held her and told her he loved her. Feel her lose all hope when she finds out their back together and when he tells her that he only liked her for her good looks. When she relises it was all just that girl.


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