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      Watching him from behind


I’m 14 and I fell in love. I met him at my friend’s birthday party. We were playing truth or dare, and he sat behind me, really close to touching my back when he lean over. My heart started to beat fast and I felt weird. I ask my friends about it and they say, “You’re in love.” I told them that it was ridiculous, but I started to believe it, when I realize that I was thinking about him more often.

He’s different than other guys I met. He’s funny, nice, kind of weird and cute. He acts like a kid and that’s what I like about him. He sometimes put some emo status. I never talked to him before, but I want to. My friend dared me to talk to him, but I said no, and then they rephrase it and dared me to talk to him IN FACEBOOK. I thought it was ok but it was more than that when I typed “hi”. I was waiting for his reply like crazy. I was excited. It wasn’t even a real life talking and I’m already happy.

One day I put “If I ever made you smile, click like” as my facebook status, and it was the happiest day of my life. He liked it. I couldn’t stop smilling at all! I was so happy that my heart could burst out. I made him smile! It was like a dream.

One of my friend, ask him on facebook, if he liked someone. And he said, he used to. It was a girl that he cant never forget. I realize what some of his emo status meant. It was for the girl he liked. But I had a chance when I found out he’s over her. I have a chance. Then my friend told him that someone like him. (which is me). And he started to get curious. My friend gave him an advice and it was an easy one. “Keep your eyes open” . The next day I went to school, I started to feel like he’s watching me. Maybe its just my imagination. And that night, my friend ask him if he had figured it out, and he said no and he ask for a hint. My friend gave him 2 hints. “She smiles a lot, and she’s in my class.” That’s when everything started. I made a lot of eye contact with him the next day at school, and I was happy but felt weird. Felt like he’s watching me. 2 days later, my friend ask him again if he had figured it out and he guess it right. He guessed my name, and we started panicking. More like I started panicking. I mean he knew I liked him, and what am I supposed to do! My friend told him maybe but he said, “ so it is her!” How can he be so sure? My friend ask him why me, and he said, “Well, I paid attention.” I knew it! He WAS watching me! But why me?! He gets more curious because he started to ask why I like him and stuff. It was easy for my friend to answer the questions that he ask but I was panicking. Badly. My friends told me to act normal at school, and act like I never knew. And I did. But he was still watching. I felt weird again, but I tried not to make eye contact with him, but he did…

What if he like be back? What would happen? But maybe someday, just maybe…he would be the one to watch me from behind.


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