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      A stupid relationsip but a great luv


we were a bestest friend and a class was our last year at school .i begain to fall for winter break i told him that i love him and he also said that he was so lucky to have me as his love.since we pairup without seeing eachother it was difficult.but we were always in contact through phone.i went to other place for study and we never met. but i belived that we would be togather 4rever .

after some time he never called or sms me.i tried to call but he changed his number.i tried to reach him but i couldnt.i got a message from my friend telling that he was with another girl.and before her there was another who he had left.since she was my best friend i thought she was right.and that left a big hole effected my study and wasted my one year without knowing what i was doing.i thought that i was being played by him.i was also like the girl who was just being toyed.i dint knew anything but the truth was i truely loved him.

now i am recovered and i am havung a normal life without night i had a dream of him.i thought it does not mean anything but after the dream on that same day he came suddenly asking my number.i just took a deep breath and just weight the happiness i had with him and the dark days i have faced without him.i asked my heart what to do.and the answer came..........i dont have a cellphone and i cant have a talk with him.that was what i told.

so now i now what love means.its not just caring and being togather.but leaving someone to experience that love can be so scary that it will not only destroy u but it will also teach u that life is more worthy than staying with a lover who never desearved ur love


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