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      Why this to me?


I met him through Orcut and then we became best freind. i was always their for him in his bad times and was never invited for good times. i use to like him v much but not loved him. one day when he had break up with his girlfreind, came to me very frusted and asked to be with him. i did the same. slowly our relationship growed and i started love him. i use to care a lot. i even use to take care of his parents. being loyal too he just used to be very rude and use to aske me very weired question though i was virgin, he never trusted me, but thank god i never give hime sch chance..and that was our 1st valentine when i came to know that his one more past girlfreid have come again in his life and he left me alone. it hurt so much. till date i am not able to get rid of it. dnt understand what to do.

any ways best thing in my life now, is that i have got one true lover who loves me so much and cares a lot. i feel so great for me... and i love him so much....


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