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      What was mine


He was mine. finally! for 7 years i had tried and tried to make him mine and it had finally worked. he was perfect. he called me brainiac and i called him clueless. it was one of our many jokes and luaghs that we shared.

one day i saw him flirting with the cutest girl in school whom we had nicknamed Princess or miss perfect.

he no longer cared for me, i realized that on that day. the heartache still hasnt left me and i hope he cud mine again soon.

wen he dumped me he told all of our friends it was because he was using me 2 make princess jealous. then later he told me he dumped cuz his mom told him to.

it was shocking to know that. in the beginning, the boy who had pledged his forever love to me broke my heart because his mother didnt approve. i guess some things never change.

i still love him and i always will. he was the one who stole my heart for thefirst time and i will never get it back. i hope we will get back together, i need him more than oxygen. he understands that but he still wont listen.

there is only one question that nags at my brain still: if his mom hadnt told him to, would he still have dumped me?



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