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My name is Babita ram i am 28 yrs old .My story begin when i was 16 yrs old.

I met my best friend while we are going to school she is the same age as me we use to hang out together ,dont go to school you name it we done it all.But she was more into stuff than i was she could have boyfriend but not me my parents are very old fashion and if they find out i have boyfriend i might as well jump over brooklyn bridge.Anyway one day she told me me that she have a new boyfriend and she talk about him all the time so i thought he must be very special to her since she have boyfriend before and i never hear so much about them .She said he is much older than her and he is not a school guy he is a contruction worker .It was her birthday Aug 25 she ask he to follow her that she is not going to school that day so it follow her that the first time i saw her boyfriend.He was hot he was about 29 at that time she sat in the front seat of his honda car i sat at the back watching him on the mirror i like what i am seeing.He took her to the mall and brought her some diamond bangle i think he also brought me a foot chain.He is such a nice guy funny and so easy to get along with on the other side my friend is having more boyfriend at school and for me i believe that is wrong.And i am thinking why he fell for her when i am better looking that her it sound bad but it is the truth.She is very dark short and with big ass.I am very fair skinny alittle tall and i have long black hair at that time.Anyway me and her boyfriend get along very well he will hang around the school and pick me up cause he never see her she always with other guy and we will just chat and he will drop me to the lilbrary normal stuff .Them i told him everything that she is using him for his money everything.He felt like he could also talk to me and he told me everything about him self some very hurtful stuff about his past.Any way i was going true some stuff my self my dad wanted me to finesh high school and become someone we could proud of that the table turn alot different i know that i wont happend cause i never make it to final in school and i know that if my dad found out how much time i cut school i am dead so i decided to do the unthinkable i have a key for my boyfriend basement apt i also have money which he always give.I dont remember which day was that i enty my school bag and i pack a few cloth a day before hoping that my big sis dont go in she did not cause she was very smart and always on a look out for me.I kiss her that morning cause i know i will runaway from home .That day it was winter january 14 i think i never look back .My friend boyfriend who he now my friend was shock when he know i ranaway from home but he love me to much that he was happy too.My parents was looing for me all over and fould out from my dad step sis where i was cause my boyfriend use to work with her @ the carpet store they came back for me yelling cursting u name it the done it all.I never went back .


Now i am happily married for twelve yrs and with two little guy and i love my busband so much he is the best thing that every happed in my life he do everything together he took me anywhere i want to go .He travel around the world and i am a stay a home mom he works and come home cooks never complain .i thank god everyday to bring him in my life.


About my friend i never saw her again i saw her pic on facebook it seen like she is also married and happy good luck to her.I hope u guys like my story it is real and all about me.


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