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Ok so highschool starts and i didnt expect much. I didnt really care for any girl at the time so i just hanged out with some guy friends. So one day this girl says hi to me and i exchange greetings and we start out becoming friends and start texting eachother. Now i get feelings for her but she started dating someone. So i tell myself shes a girl worth waiting for. As the relationship ended i thought i could start dating her once she feels better. Then she started dating someone else and that lasted 4 months. I told myself shes worth waiting for. So her boyfriend broke up with her and i decided to ask her out and she said yes and my gosh that was the happiest day of my life. Then the day after she says shes not over her ex.

I understand that and i let her be by herself for a little bit.

So weeks pass and she goes back out with him and then im just happy for her. Thats all you can do right? So I told myself shes a girl worth waiting for. So he breaks up with her at the end of the year and i have no time to even be with her so i dont talk to her throughout the whole summer. By the end of the summer she goes out out with another guy and that lasts a few weeks and im trying my best to keep telling myself shes a girl worth waiting for. He breaks her heart and me and her start talking again. I had so much hope for this time. I never liked her so much as i did now. She just brightens up my day. She makes the crappiest days the best. Her eyes are so beautiful. When i asked her out for the third time i was going to do everything for her and be there for her for the better or worse. The next she ends it because we were too good of friends. My heart fell, i felt like dying at the time. Then i find out she wanted ne to date her friend so me being the nice guy i just go with it. It all turned out well until i felt feelings for her again and my girlfriend yells at me because im liking someone else. So i try putting distance between me an her and i end up saying something really mean that upsets her that i regret and i cant break up with her because the she will hate me for doing that. So currently i broke up with her, still loving her and telling myself shes worth waiting for.


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