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      Love You Forever



now i am 32yrs old,i was thrown out of the house when i was 12yr old after my father passed away.,i had troubled childhood fought everything to find a job,it all started in the year 1999 when i started working,i had friend who invited me for a picnic on a weekend with her friends,that is when i saw her the first time,the moment i saw her my heart started beating fast,she was introduced to me just said hello,while returning back she came with me in the bike so we started talk casually,we started meeting regularly,after a month she proposed to me,i did say no even though i loved her because she was from a rich & educated family not like me.i was living alone at a open ground with just temporary roof,i told her i am not rich & educted like her what i earn in 1 month is her 1 days pocket money,she told me she loves me very much &it doesnt matter to her i am rich or not,finally i said yes,i loved her very much as she was the only one for me in this world,i used to work 16 hours a day to earn some extra money so that i could afford to spend on her,i never touched her or kissed her she was like god to me.But suddenly she started avoiding me,i used to wait for her but she never used to turn up nor answer my phone call

I met one of her friend & asked her she told me that she was getting married to someother guy i did not believe her,i waited for 2 days near her house finally i met her

&asked her why is she avoiding me,she told me that she was getting married to another guy who is rich,had own house,car & give her all luxury in life.i was shocked on hearing this,i begged her not to leave me,but what she said to me broke me completely she said i am a useless guy & told me if i try to meet her again she will slap on my face with her slippers.i promised her i will not show my dirty face to her,thanked for the memories which she gave me for the 3 yrs when she was with me.

requested her my last wish was when die she should see my face as she is the only one i had in my life.

always i pray to god wherever she is should be happy

always.its been 8yrs now since i saw her but even today i

love her very much.



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