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      Mah First Love


he was my first lovely ....i loved him totally...we first met through facebook! then we became good we exchanged mobile numbers.....then we were like bestt friends forever !! we used to talk day and matter we wanted to talk to each other! thats it ! we used to take care of each wasnt lust cuz we never met...we were like partners....but i never actually know that i was falling in love with this wonderful person ....but then before i could confess anything....he told me about his silent true love....he loved a girl truly .....and that girl was my ex-friend ( we didnt talk or see each other for a very long time ) i was shocked ....i still gathered strength ....and consoled him....i assured him that i will help him get her ...i said i will try my best...then i started to investigate about this girl....My bad ! i could hear only bad stuffs talking about i honestly told him everything...he was like angry and furious on me...he yelled at me saying i wanted a chance with him so i am talking evil about her..... i was like somebody is stabbing a knife on my back and if i have to just keep standing there as if nothing sucked bad...i loved him very much didnt say a word....just was crying silently.....he broke our friendship ...everything.... i wa so disturbed ...tensed....still i kept quiet ....

its true when people say Love comes when its least expected.....i had stop expecting replies from him or even one day i was just sittng idle ...just then i got a msg from him...asking how are you ? and all stuff! i was like YIPPPEEEEEESSSSSZZZZZZZZZZ .........he is back....tthis time we got really close ...we still didnt meet but we had a very strong bond....we loved ach other ...(kinda ) then i had to decide something...very serious ...i had to keep him away from me...cuz we would end up on bed...i didnt want he went but whenever we see each other we do look deep into our eyes....but we dont speak a word !


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